About Us

About Us

Alfadomus, was founded on October 17th 1957 in the province of Guayas, 30 Km away from Daule, with a business vision of modernizing the building industry in Ecuador. For this reason, clay is our main construction material, which has been standardized in many European and American countries. Due to its natural benefits, it is currently mandatory to use clay in these countries.

Clay has been used for the manufacture of blocks for walls, slabs, facing blocks, gres floor tiles, roof tiles, facing tiles, pavers, among other products, to complement the architectural design of the largest construction projects in Ecuador.

During the past 50 years, we have achieved major changes in order to modernize the construction industry and to improve product quality and variety. This way, we can now offer more than 100 different models and materials in several natural colors.

Since its foundation in 1957, Alfadomus has kept an ancient tradition in the handcraft production of terracotta. Our pavements revive the old fine art of ceramics, with a knowledge passed down from parent to child and the quality assurance specified by modern techniques.


“Somos líderes en la producción y comercialización de productos de arcilla a nivel global, nuestros clientes reciben una asesoría técnica y profesional que hace rentable su inversión; con un equipo competente, comprometido con la calidad de nuestros productos y la rentabilidad de la operación, ofreciendo al mercado productos con belleza natural, ecológica y perdurable; en Alfadomus somos una familia”